Sunday, October 9, 2016

The State of the Union

I've been pretty good lately with keeping my opinions to myself on here, but I have to get this out. I gravely dislike Hillary Clinton. I am not on board with most of her platforms, and I believe she is a corrupt career politician who has built her corporation and her family's life on the exploitation of the middle class and minorities.

That being said, all of you who are deflecting Donald Trump's blatant misogyny, and not just the comments that most recently came to light, by saying that Bill did it too are garbage. You are trash, and you should feel ashamed. Hillary Clinton is not Bill Clinton. She is not responsible for the actions of a man, even if that man is her husband. Her choosing to stay with Bill and keep quiet is her business, and it does not place any culpability on her for any of Bill's actions. Melania is not to blame for Donald's actions, and Hillary is not to blame for Bill's.

I think it's about damn time that our society stops viewing women as only extensions of their husbands. A wife is a person. She is responsible for her own actions, but not those of her husband. If a man commits a crime alone is his wife arrested? If a man beats his wife, rapes a woman, embezzles money, is it a woman's fault? Stop being ridiculous.

I'm not going to try to claim that Donald Trump's misogyny is enough to make him a poor choice for the presidency. He does a pretty good job of not qualifying for that job outside of his abuse of women. But don't attempt to justify it. If you are one of the millions of poorly educated, white Americans who believe that he is what America needs, fine. But don't attempt to justify his indiscretions. Acknowledge that he has faults and continue to support him for whatever other illusions you have about him.

Right now we have two major party presidential nominees who cannot debate without the audience expecting to hear the Jerry Springer boxing bell ring at any moment. What's worse is that many Americans seem to actually like that this is what our politics have been reduced to, and they enjoy taking part in the charade. Clinton and Trump sound like my Facebook and Twitter feeds look, and I am completely embarrassed to even be an American during this election. Most of you judge the "winner" of the debate by who throws the best insults. Wtf is that? That isn't government. That isn't democracy. That is reality television in all its disgrace, and it's what we as voters have brought on ourselves. Your bed is made, and I can't sleep anymore.

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