Friday, July 8, 2016

License to Kill

It is my opinion that Alton Sterling and Philando Castile would not have been shot and killed by police officers if they were white.

 It is my opinion that while there are a great number of good and great police officers, there are far too many that are not fit to wear a badge or carry a gun.

 It is my opinion that news and media outlets pick and choose which stories to broadcast, specifically during election time. It is my opinion that many of my friends on all sides and facets of the political or ideological spectrum tend to believe that their opinions are facts and are unwilling to accept that perhaps the things that they have been both strategically and involuntarily conditioned to believe are true are without the possibility that there are gray areas or misaligned information designed to alter public opinion.

 All that being said, it is my very strong opinion that at this current point in time in America our justice system, banks, housing authorities, law enforcement, and the entire government, service, and financial industries as a whole discriminate against minorities, specifically blacks, more than whites. 

My opinions are are not facts, and I have changed an opinion based on realization of new data or exposure to alternate viewpoints and arguments with valid source data and intellectual analysis. However, it would be very difficult for anyone to change the aforementioned opinions in this post.

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