Monday, July 4, 2016

Fear and Loathing

This whole election cycle is insane. It seems to be the trend for Republican vs. Democrat elections. It gets worse every election year. That's why I vote third party. Imagine if there were always other, viable options that were given the same main-ring-of-the-three-ring-circus media attention that the embarrassing Republican and Democratic candidates get. Imagine if propaganda about "wasted votes" and fear mongering over wasted votes potentially contributing to the worse of two evils being elected because you didn't vote for the lesser evil, just stopped. Imagine that enough people started voting for independents and third party candidates and we started having real people in office who care about issues and facts, rather than sideshow freaks who are afraid they may lose their role in the main ring of the circus and make up their own issues and facts to harvest votes and keep them there.

Democrats convince their voters that big government and bureaucracy are the only way that people and life and law and the economy will ever get better. They make as many laws as they can while in office to try to get the government big enough that Republicans can't undo it. Then Republicans spend every ounce of their efforts as politicians undermining and undoing what the Democrats do. That isn't government. That's insanity. Continuing to elect Democrats and Republicans into office and refusing to give independents and third party candidates a fair chance is killing our government's and our nation's integrity, or what is left of it. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party must know it too, but they don't care. They both can only see their own futures as leaders of the free world and have zero regard for which direction the country heads, as long as they are ruling it and it is the direction they choose. They divide and conquer, adopting ideologies and appealing the voting populations that they think will advance their party and get them one step ahead of the other party. In the end they all just sound like a bunch of raving lunatics, and so do the people who believe voting for them is going to save anything about where we are or where we are heading. They are two sides of the same coin.

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are corrupt. I am not a judge and neither are currently on trial so I have no place to decide which is more corrupt. The philosophy of choosing the lesser of two evils is a fallacy. There is no such thing as the lesser of two evils. "Evil" is a term used in this particular scenario to describe someone for whom one holds adverse opinions. A vote for the "lesser of two evils" is still casting a vote for evil. Anyone who uses the phrase is falling victim to and perpetuating bipartisan rhetoric and conceding to becoming a pawn in the continuation and advancement of such a corrupt system. No thanks.

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