Friday, April 29, 2016

Maybe Not the American Dream, but Mine

If someone would just buy me this camper and let me trade my car in for a hooptie V6 with a trailer hitch that will pull it, I will donate all of my hoarded belongings and live a happy life of self sufficiency and freedom. All I want out of life is freedom from a 9-5 hell that requires unpaid overtime and constant regret if I have to take time off to nurse sick children or a sick self, a life where I can spend time with my children to teach them the important things in life rather than shooing them away so I can slave away just to pay the bills, a life where I can write and make art and grow food and live without the constraints of American consumerism and corporate greed. Why has life become a struggle in this country? When did we become pawns in corporate executives' and politicians' quests for power? When did we start caring about reality television and partisan media and stop caring about our own emotional, physical, and mental well being, and more importantly, the emotional, physical, and mental well being of the children that we raise?
So anyway, yeah. Anyone wanna buy me this meager camper? Just kidding. I might buy it myself.