Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Divide and Conquer

We live in a country where the only difference between drug lords and Wall Street executives is that lawmakers only wage war on the trade of one. Millennials and the Internet nation fight for change with grassroots campaigns to criminalize bankers and free the drug lords while law enforcement wages war on college students who know a guy who knows where to get an ounce of marijuana. This is a country where a felony drug conviction prevents one from getting a fair paying job or a government-funded education but not from running for or holding political office. Our states don't want to pay a living wage for jobs that don't require a higher education but want people to be forever indebted to their government in order to receive a degree. Survival skills have a dual meaning of cooking boxed macaroni on a propane stove, all emblazoned with corporate logos, and that stuff that famous people do in front of camera crews on a television program littered with more corporate advertisement to consume. Freedom is no more than an illusion spread by propaganda of the public schooling system, a system that isn't good enough to prepare its students to either survive on the land or earn a living wage from a multimillion dollar company. Even with self taught or government funded survival skills, a man can no longer fish or hunt or sow seed without permission from the state. The American Dream was once symbolized by average joes supporting their families without struggle but now amounts to little more than being the top commenter on a Reddit post. Guerrilla fighters hide behind a glass screen and berate anyone who made lives for their children by branding them with affluenza and justify poor diet and hygiene by calling it body confidence. A woman can undress in front of camera and call it art, but someone is still going to call her a slut. People can argue semantics with strangers on Facebook for three hours without breaking but can't spend three minutes listening to their children. United we stand, yet divided we remain.

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