Sunday, March 11, 2012

Halloween Town

My mummy creeps at night
To where daddy's boss dwells
She crypt walks to his grave
And casts her evil spells
Daddy doesn't know
Because he works so late
She turns him into a fool
While he puts food on our plates

My friends are all zombies
I now just stay away
They've adopted new hobbies
Turning peers into a buffet
The illicits they consume
Are bought from a witch
And are spreading like a virus
Peer pressure is a bitch

The monsters under my bed 
Are really my only friends
Their only dealing with secrets
Is not blabbing to my girlfriend 
About the other ghouls
I occasionally bring home
But the skeletons make sure
Everyone hears of my bone

Skeletons in my closet
Come out to play at night
Dancing through the streets
And making quite a sight
They dance through the halls 
Of all my usual haunts
Ruining my reputation 
With my secrets that they flaunt

This town has gone to shit
With all the wicked ways
I stay confined to my room
For most of my days
These fiends run amok
And always make a scene
The only day I enjoy them
Is good old Halloween

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