Monday, February 27, 2012

A Lily Pad without a Lotus

So much work to just give up
Such a long time to say goodbye
But I am tired of always looking
For what I do not see in your eyes
Like desperately needing warmth
Yet thrown into an icy lake
Even if it is not  your thing
You should care enough to fake
The effort that you lack
Is all I ever needed
Complements are null
When nothing is completed
If I walk a mile to meet you
And you do not bother to stand
The pain does not just vanish
With only a touch of your hand
All the miles I have walked
All the time that I have spent
All the tears that I cried
And all the places we went
They do not mean a thing 
When you never even notice
They are only wasted efforts,
A lily pad without a lotus
Gestures are meaningless
When merely results of coercion
People need more than that
I require your assertion
If declaring your love
With more than your voice
Is just too much trouble
Then I must make a choice
Do I live with your body
And want for your love
Or do I again live without you
And still dream of your love?
You will again beg and plead
And claim you learned a lesson
And if I accept
You will slip into regression
I guess you can not know the pain
Of being taken for granted
When you never give anything,
When all your words are recanted
So if I can not have your love
From more than just your lips
Then I guess this is goodbye
I will be the one who dips
Yet I still need a favor:
Dump the tricks out of your sleeve
It will be so much easier
If you will just let me leave
Your promises are music
To my long awaiting ears,
But when they turn out to be empty
I will once again be turned to tears

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