Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bump in the Night

I desire not a thing from my dreams
Beautiful and charming perhaps,
But will not fulfill my need for screams
My judgement indefinitely suffers lapse

Special powers to impress me,
Curses to tempt and sway
Dreadful as it be,
The dreamy ones have nay

Dreamy looks and thoughtful words
Bring smiles but no real passion
Their kind comes in herds,
But easy is not my fashion

I long not for gentle expressions
That fall so easily from dreamy lips
Instead I choose transgressions
From those whose sanity slips

Those nightmarish ghouls dazzle me so,
Beautiful chaos in my demented world
Tortured and longing for show
Of love in the twisted netherworld

Sweet words from dreams come easy
But warmth from nightmares is rare
Simple and sweet, not satisfyingly queasy
As loving a nightmare's scare

Take my breath away, dear nightmare,
Even if I must scream for it to be
Our forbidden love just despair,
Or passion in the first degree?

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  1. boy, alot goes on in Sandra's Amazing Bed.. ;-)