Thursday, February 16, 2012

Awakening to Madness

Awakening to madness
Squishy, slippery, slimy warmth
As I place my feet on the floor
Lifeless bodies everywhere,
The floor isn't clean anymore
Fragments of bone scattered
About in random fashion
Entrails twisting in puddles of blood
And dead faces stricken with pain
How had I escaped this carnage
In the bed where I had lain?
Then I hear repeating thuds
Something wicked this way comes,
The psychopathic killer for sure
Thud, THUD, boom, BOOM
Is that my heart, or are they the steps
Of someone in the other room?
Panic ensues as I scan my options
There is no escape in sight
My heart is in my throat,
And my gut drops to the floor
Will I soon join these bloody corpses
If the stranger opens that door?
This thought gives me hope
As an idea bursts in my brain
It just could work, I think
Although if not it's just insane
I drop to the floor;
I roll in the slimy muck
When staying alive is at stake,
I just don't give a fuck
I wrap myself with intestines;
I cover myself with blood
If I appear to be murdered as well
Perhaps the killer will pass me by
I lay motionless on the floor 
But am afraid to close my eyes
The footsteps near closer
I hear a hand turn the knob
What if he knows I was left alive?
What if he was saving me for last?
Am I recognizable in this mess?
Or will he walk on past?
I can't control my breathing
The sound will give me away
My heart is wildly beating
"I'M ALIVE!" it will say
Dead giveaways to life
Lying here amongst this death
The killer will surely hear
These spiteful traitors of my breast
Too late for second thoughts
The door is creaking open
I see the barrel of a gun, 
A shadowy silhouette behind it
"A gun?" I think to myself
It didn't seem quite right
These people were brutally murdered,
But it wasn't in a gunfight
A dark boot steps slowly in
The shadowy figure comes in view
My heart is beating faster
As I recognize the man in blue
More policemen creep in,
But I am still too scared to move
Had the killer already been caught?
Did he run and leave me alive?
How long had I been sleeping?
The questions crash in like waves
Then the officers begin speaking
"The bed is empty; she isn't here."
"She must be," another says
It is me they want,
But why I don't yet know
I want to jump up,
But something tells me not to go
I feel a cold knot creep in,
Although I'm not sure why
Were the officers here for rescue
Or did they have another reason?
"She really did a number."
"Yeah, the murder of the season."
I hadn't been the culprit
No way I was capable of this
Or had my nightmares become real?
Did my inner killer exist?

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