Monday, January 2, 2012

Living Passionately

Living through passion is certainly the best way to live in my opinion. To live and breathe for the thing(s) for which you are most passionate is simply the purest way to be. Successfully living through passion, however, can be tricky. There are many that harness(ed) their passion successfully and live(d) successful lives based around the things they love(d) most. A few examples would be Hugh Heffner, Hunter S. Thompson, John Lee Hooker, and Lightnin' Hopkins. There are also many who allowed the passion to control them, great people with immense passion. But they lived solely for their passion and never learned control. Uncontrolled passion can run wild and destroy relationships, bank accounts, and lives. Marilyn, Jimi, Janis, Elvis . . . all of them allowed their passion to have complete control. All of them still deserve respect and admiration, but they suffered, along with the rest of the world, suffered from their lack of control. Passion and control seem like such an odd couple, but their coexistence is key.

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