Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jealous Again

I have been guilty of disliking, gossiping about, or complaining about people who haven't really done anything to me to deserve it. It's called jealousy. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen. I am aware when I am in the wrong and am adamant about rectifying the situation and bettering myself as a person. I usually attempt to befriend the person of whom I am a little jealous. I'll take a friend over an enemy any day. Although I have many "haters" I am pretty difficult to dislike once you get to know me. It is also difficult for me to dislike others once I get to know them. I appreciate things and people for what and whom they are, not what or whom I think they should be. Therefore, unless you are just a rotten person I will probably like you. A lot. I get attached to people easily--not in a crazy stalker way; I just really dig and value life experiences and the people that share those experiences with me. If you and I have shared only a couple engaging conversations, chances are I already consider you a friend. You probably mean more to me than you know. Without other people life would be pretty meaningless, don't you think? I see beauty and significance in many things that go completely unnoticed by most people. Unfortunately I occasionally find that the person of whom I was once jealous has said unfavorable things about me unprovoked. It hurts a little, and it makes me realize how silly jealousy is when I see it in someone else. Jealousy isn't becoming on anyone. I understand that I am opinionated, overbearing, full of what some consider useless knowledge, loud, and well-known by many in a few places. If any of those things are so awful that they deserve your ill words then so be it. However I urge everyone to think rationally before speaking, or even thinking, ill words about others. Chances are you have a lot more in common than you think, and you could probably learn a lot more from each other if you gave them a chance rather than writing them off. Ignorance never taught anything to its beholder. Don't be fooled by this rough, tough, callous exterior. These calluses began as blisters, just like all other calluses. Inside I am weak and warm-blooded, human just like you.

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