Thursday, January 12, 2012

Anger in Relationships

If you resort to yelling and name-calling every time you get a little upset, you better either work on changing or accept that your relationship just isn't going to go anywhere you want it to be. Even successful, healthy relationships have arguments and bumps in the road. They do not, however, include the blame game or hateful behavior. If yelling or hateful words appear in an argument the arguments only get worse. Keep your cool, don't put down or point fingers at your significant other, and discuss the matter in a civil manner so that an agreement can be met. Lashing out and hurting the one you love will never make anything better, of that you can be sure. So the next time hurtful words come to mind, before you say them, walk away. Go outside or to another room and cool off. Listen to a song that the both of you love. Read a sweet text message you have in your phone. Think about a fond memory the two of you share. After some reflection decide if you really want to hurt the person you love. Of course you don't want to. Once you say degrading and hurtful things, or even worse resort to physical anger, there's no coming back. Even if you didn't mean the words you spoke they still wear away at a person's strength and happiness. Your significant other will only take so much before calling it quits. Get in control of yourself.

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