Tuesday, December 20, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Babbling bachelors brutally beaten by beasts
Capillaries curdling with crimson coagulation
Deceitful deities devouring defenseless dogs
Filthy, feculent fauns fornicating in feces
Gluttonous, ghoulish girls gorging on guts
Hallucinations of hemorrhaging hemophiliacs
Jet-black jelly jiggling from jackknifed jackals
Kicking kids killed in kerosene kilns
Lustful leaches lurking on lesioned limbs
Murderous monsters menacing 'mongst marshes
Nightmares of nasty, naked necrophiliacs
Putrid pus pouring from placental pests
Quarantined quarterbacks quivering queasily
Roasted rats rotting on raunchy rooftops
Saber saws severing spines and sternums
Tackling and tasting tantalizing teenagers
Vehemently vomiting vile, venomous vermin
Werewolves waging warfare in whorehouses
Xystering xyphoids of xenogeneic xenophiles
Yucky, is  yellow, yolk-like yeast infections
Zealous zombies zigzagging the zoo after zebras

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