Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Think I Need a New Heart

I think I need a new heart
This old one is acting oddly
It's as if there's been a jumpstart
To the once cold and ungodly

Once had a zombie brain,
But now these thoughts are racing
No longer devouring flesh,
Now it's sweetness that I'm tasting

Dead hearts can't be broken
Zombie brains can't invoke tears
If the word love is never spoken
Comforting death can last for years

Have I consumed enough hearts
To bring mine back to life?
Does ripping souls apart
Really bring upon "afterlife"?

Transformation so weird
How I feel I'm not too sure
It's mortal life that I've feared
While familiar death I can endure 

Melt me with your tall tales,
Dissect my corpse with your wit
Love would spill into my entrails
If this once-dead heart were to split

Can a dead heart begin beating?
Can half a person become whole?
Once frightening and flesh-eating, 
Now a living, breathing soul?

I think I need a new heart
This one is just too strange
On second thought, sweetheart,
Just stab it with your fangs

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