Sunday, December 18, 2011

Resistant Hearts

Deny this heart the opportunity to see
A future without what has come to be
Wandering thoughts and wandering souls
Yet fire ignited amongst smoldering coals
Extinguished repeatedly by time and events
Subsequently rekindled, true love circumvents

Sweeping winds will not, shall not erode
Uncharted rapture that has been bestowed
Leviathan floods, they will not prevail
For love's great ship has already set sail
Let earthquakes make an attempt to destroy
The earth already moves with unprecedented joy

There is no woman who has what it takes
To thieve what is mine, what is my fate
No man is alive who can come in between
The affinity is professed, perfection too clean
No, these worldly things shall never fall enemy
For the true threat, my dear, is just you and me

Two self destructive souls caught in this cirque
Wildly fighting our default, a past we must shirk