Thursday, September 29, 2011

Opinion of Civil Liberties

Once again I'm going to post one of my facebook statuses and the comments that followed. Until I get this off the ground I'll have a few more as well. Bear with me please.

"The 'freedoms' on which this nation was founded will ultimately be the causes of its downfall."

KP: I think our foundation of our independence was great are new age social goverment along with corrupt politicians with private intrest and a public with a huge entitlement problem not to mention fact we buy all foreign goods and out source our jobs to other countries will b our down fall

Sandra: Freedom of religion: now we are discriminating against people of Islam because of some extremist Muslim terrorists. We are violating civil liberties of people who have the constitutional right to practice and worship as they please. Freedom of speech: detailed instructions on how to commit terrorist acts can be published online. People are granted the right to desecrate funerals of servicemen who gave their lives for our nation because they didn't agree with their lifestyle choices. The right to bear arms: children and confused or misinformed adults are able to get their hands on automatic weapons and explosives and invade our educational facilities, workplaces, and military bases. Protection from unreasonable search or seizure: the Patriot Act already questionably pushes this right.

Sandra: These are just some examples. I didn't mean the political or governmental downfall. I was speaking more on a social basis. The glue that originally held the people of this nation together is now becoming the walls that divide us.

AB: I have to disagree, it's not the "freedoms" that will ruin this nation, it's the misinterpretations of those freedoms, and the fact that those that misinterpret forget that their "freedoms" cannot infringe on the "freedoms" of others.

AB: "Freedom of religion" is my favorite. People tend to forget that you can have a freedom OF religion and someone else can have freedom FROM religion...

KP: I agree but every time since 911 any kind of reform we have done has been provoked by fear or private intrest not by what is truly the best thing for the people of the county...I don't know what answer is but washington doesn't seem to have got anything right in the past ten plus years

AB: We're no safer now than we were 10 years ago. Hell, we're LESS safe due to spreading ourselves thin across the world and allowing our government to invade our privacy every chance they get because they tell us "we're doing this to PROTECT you" and the ignorant masses eat it up.

Sandra: I put freedoms in quotation marks because I agree with your first comment, AB.

AB: Gotcha...

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