Thursday, September 29, 2011

A New President Will Make No Difference

Below is a recent facebook status of mine, and the comments that resulted. What do you think?

"I am so tired of hearing people talk about possible presidential candidates. Regardless of whom is voted into office, Congress can still agree on nothing, and the President will be able to do nothing without the support of Congress. Our government needs complete overhaul, not a new figure head. Screw it, I'm moving to Europe."

ZE: Europe is no better off.. I like the libertairian sovereign island idea personally. But thank you for saying that! Absolutely true

Sandra: There are several European countries that are much better off. I just couldn't decide on only one. Scandinavian countries are in great shape, Luxembourg is fantastic, Iceland has been hit hard by the recession but is still much better off than we are, Liechtenstein and Monaco have the lowest unemployment rates and highest gross domestic products per person in the world . . . Yeah, several European countries have us beat. Some of their governments have had bumps in the roads like any other, but they've been running smoothly for much longer than ours.

ZE: Ah yes, my under-rested noggin failed to consider those. Switzerland is supposed to be nice. Or Iceland would be cool if I could stalk bijork and sigur ros Haha. Also forgot Germany is doing pretty well to, as its bailing out a lot of euro-using countries, but the people there damn sure aren't happy about it. And rightly so

LG: You know what is sad, I have been giving this idea some thought. I still haven't found the right country to move to. I like it warm and Europe is a little cold for me. The government here doesn't want to solve any problems, they just want to get re-elected.

Sandra: The fact that so many people forget about all those countries may contribute to their lasting success. I'm sure they're perfectly content with being forgotten.

Sandra: LG, I've considered it for a long time now. I'm like you with the weather, but there are a few with climates that I think I could manage to adapt to. Agreed on the U.S. government. We elect ignorance into office because so many voters are themselves ignorant of the truth.

ZE: One would assume so.. They aren't good enough war-mongering bullies obviously. Ha

LG: I don't really like it that cold. I thought about a tropical island, but those aren't in better shape. One would assume the tea party would be good but they aren't. They say they say they want small government but they want to intrude on everything we do. Raising taxes alone isn't going to help this country either.

Sandra: At this point, there are too many checks and balances and too many idiots in our government for any real change to take place in a reasonable amount of time. Americans will either have to wait it out, get out, or organize a coup d'etat. I vote the latter, but I can't participate or else I'll lose my security clearance and therefore my job. Haha.

ZE: I wouldn't hold breath on waiting anything out. Nobody wants to risk their necks on a chopping block to endorse a major overhaul. I'd like to see people wake up and realize why a two major party system is a bad idea. I like a lot of the ideas libertarians throw out, but like you said, congress will never play nice while majority dems and repubs are running the show

LG: But if you did you could get a better job. You could work in the new government. Where the national ice cream is rocky road. The only thing we can really do is to keep making small changes and eventually it will be enough to save us. This is going to take a long time to fix this mess.

Sandra: Or I could move to Europe, work for a foreign government, and from afar help to rally enough Americans to organize a coup d'état. Haha. There we go. Problems solved.

ZE: Rocky road is the jam. I look forward to its reign of chocolaty terror of national officiality. Haha

Sandra: You've obviously never had bacon ice cream. Strange as it may sound, it knows no equal.

ZE: Well thats a given. Bacon embodies perfection... I have a new culinary project now =)

LG: Bacon is the national food. It has no equal. You can run from there which would work. I would run it here.

Sandra: I started reading a book last night. I have a book obsession and can't not buy an armful of books when Books-A-Million has their $1, $3, and $5 book sidewalk sales. I saw it at the last one and knew it was meant for me. I'm only on the fourth chapter, but I recommend it to any serious carnivore that views shopping for, preparing, and eating meat as an art form. It's called Meat: A Love Story.

JM: Oooooooooooooooooh

Sandra: Just thought I'd throw that out there. You know, since dead pig is just as important as government.

JM: Dead pig + beer > government

LG: I agree with JM. I might have to buy that book.

JM: I'm cheap...Sandra lemme borrow that book when you finish. You're in ____ enough that I'll see you soon

Sandra: Hmm. I dunno about that. I'm pretty protective over my books and CDs. Not to mention there will be an empty spot on my bookshelf . . . We'll have to see about that.

JM: But it is me, not your average person. I take care of things!

Sandra: It doesn't have anything to do with the borrower. I just have a hard time parting with my possessions, even temporarily. There are a number of things that could go wrong without you being at fault.

Sandra: I got it on sale at Books A Million for three bucks. If you can't swing that you may want to reconsider your frugality. You would spend much more than that on booze on any night.

JM: Hey don't bring my boozing into this lol. Now I gotta go to the book store and actually look for said book...guess I'll add that to my to do list for tomorrow


JM: Sandra I swear you are amazing!

Sandra: I know. :)

JM: Don't go getting cocky now! Just can't give compliments these days

Sandra: Confidence in oneself is an imperative milestone in the road to success.

JM: Just teasing ya anyways

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