Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Think I Need a New Heart

I think I need a new heart
This old one is acting oddly
It's as if there's been a jumpstart
To the once cold and ungodly

Once had a zombie brain,
But now these thoughts are racing
No longer devouring flesh,
Now it's sweetness that I'm tasting

Dead hearts can't be broken
Zombie brains can't invoke tears
If the word love is never spoken
Comforting death can last for years

Have I consumed enough hearts
To bring mine back to life?
Does ripping souls apart
Really bring upon "afterlife"?

Transformation so weird
How I feel I'm not too sure
It's mortal life that I've feared
While familiar death I can endure 

Melt me with your tall tales,
Dissect my corpse with your wit
Love would spill into my entrails
If this once-dead heart were to split

Can a dead heart begin beating?
Can half a person become whole?
Once frightening and flesh-eating, 
Now a living, breathing soul?

I think I need a new heart
This one is just too strange
On second thought, sweetheart,
Just stab it with your fangs

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Babbling bachelors brutally beaten by beasts
Capillaries curdling with crimson coagulation
Deceitful deities devouring defenseless dogs
Filthy, feculent fauns fornicating in feces
Gluttonous, ghoulish girls gorging on guts
Hallucinations of hemorrhaging hemophiliacs
Jet-black jelly jiggling from jackknifed jackals
Kicking kids killed in kerosene kilns
Lustful leaches lurking on lesioned limbs
Murderous monsters menacing 'mongst marshes
Nightmares of nasty, naked necrophiliacs
Putrid pus pouring from placental pests
Quarantined quarterbacks quivering queasily
Roasted rats rotting on raunchy rooftops
Saber saws severing spines and sternums
Tackling and tasting tantalizing teenagers
Vehemently vomiting vile, venomous vermin
Werewolves waging warfare in whorehouses
Xystering xyphoids of xenogeneic xenophiles
Yucky, is  yellow, yolk-like yeast infections
Zealous zombies zigzagging the zoo after zebras

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Resistant Hearts

Deny this heart the opportunity to see
A future without what has come to be
Wandering thoughts and wandering souls
Yet fire ignited amongst smoldering coals
Extinguished repeatedly by time and events
Subsequently rekindled, true love circumvents

Sweeping winds will not, shall not erode
Uncharted rapture that has been bestowed
Leviathan floods, they will not prevail
For love's great ship has already set sail
Let earthquakes make an attempt to destroy
The earth already moves with unprecedented joy

There is no woman who has what it takes
To thieve what is mine, what is my fate
No man is alive who can come in between
The affinity is professed, perfection too clean
No, these worldly things shall never fall enemy
For the true threat, my dear, is just you and me

Two self destructive souls caught in this cirque
Wildly fighting our default, a past we must shirk

Monday, December 12, 2011

Advice to Those Buying for Children this Christmas

Many people who buy presents for children fail to realize how important the gifts can be to the child's development. Often people who are buying for children who aren't their own tend to buy gifts they know the child will be excited about. When buying children's gifts this year, and every subsequent year, consider the following before making a decision, whether you're a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, or friend.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Body Art in the Workplace: What Do You Think?

The enclosed article (bottom) references policies by various companies concerning visible tattoos and piercings. While I can understand the reasoning behind some of the regulations, body art is becoming more and more mainstream in today's society.
Shé from the film Machete. My Halloween costume. :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bullying in America

Bullies make me sick. I'm thankful that some states are finally passing anti-bullying laws. It was bad when I was in school, and I can imagine that it has only gotten worse. Children often don't share everything with parents, making it difficult for parents to help their children cope with being bullied. Things get easier as children grow up and graduate, but some children don't even make it to graduation before dropping out or even committing suicide. And even after the actual bullying ends, the pain isn't always gone.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Views on Radical Immigration Laws

So yes, illegal immigrants cause our government to spend more money. However, undocumented workers not only work for lower wages than citizens, they also are willing to do the jobs that Americans refuse. If employers are unable to employ undocumented workers for things like agriculture, meatpacking, and construction, they will have to raise wages in order to attract legal workers. That means higher consumer prices to make up for the added cost of production. Higher home prices, higher prices at the grocery store for meat and produce, and ultimately higher consumer costs for nearly everything American-made. These new radical immigration laws also mean that often American-born, innocent children of illegal immigrants will not receive an education as a result of their parents' fear of being prosecuted if they enroll their children in public schools. Does ignorant America fail to take these things into account when blindly rallying behind the ignorant radical assholes that run this country? So they're taking jobs. Would YOU work 14 hours a day doing manual labor in the hot sun seven days a week for minimum wage? Would YOU work in a dangerous environment hacking up dead animals for barely enough to feed yourself? Get real, people. Oh, and illegal immigrants stealing social security? Come on. Social security is already not enough to live on, and it will be no more by the time our generation retires. You whine about people that depend on the government yet wants to whine about you not getting social security. Explain to me how that isn't hypocrisy. If you aren't planning and/or saving for your own retirement you may as well be digging your own grave.

Beauty Tips for the Ladies

I know I'm always interested in hearing the beauty rituals and secrets of others, so I decided I would share some of my own for those that are interested.

Opinion of Civil Liberties

Once again I'm going to post one of my facebook statuses and the comments that followed. Until I get this off the ground I'll have a few more as well. Bear with me please.

"The 'freedoms' on which this nation was founded will ultimately be the causes of its downfall."

A New President Will Make No Difference

Below is a recent facebook status of mine, and the comments that resulted. What do you think?

"I am so tired of hearing people talk about possible presidential candidates. Regardless of whom is voted into office, Congress can still agree on nothing, and the President will be able to do nothing without the support of Congress. Our government needs complete overhaul, not a new figure head. Screw it, I'm moving to Europe."